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What is Digestinol?

Digestinol AMP (Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide) molecules have been determined by independent researchers worldwide to be the healing component within the aloe vera plant. Our process is designed to remove irritants proven to be counter productive for internal consumption, while carefully extracting the AMP molecules and making sure they remain stabilized to ensure their potency. To read more descriptive information about our Digestinol formula click here

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Are there any negative side effects?

There are no negative side effects caused from using Digestinol, mainly because is is not a drug, it isall-natural. Digestinol may be taken in conjunction with all medications as well as other dietary supplements. Digestinol is classified as a FOOD MATERIAL and is as safe as fruits and/or vegetables. It is 100% safe for adults and children of ALL ages . . . even infants.

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How long do I have to take Digestinol . . . Do I have to take it forever?

We find that 9 out of 10 people who ask that question initially call us to say they will never stop taking the maintenance dose once they have witnessed for themselves what Digestinol does for their health and quality of life. Once your symptoms have subsided and you are ready to change to the maintenance dosage level one bottle will last for 3 months. 

Theoretically, one would assume that whatever is causing the disease is still going to be present in the environment and if one allows the immune system to run down without proper support, the disease could return. 

Most people who have recovered using Digestinol do not want to take the chance of stopping it all together. Although some have stopped all together and have done fairly well.

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How long does it take to work?

It starts to work from the first pill you swallow, but you may not FEEL the difference for several weeks. The average time frame reported for 100% recovery from various digestive diseases is 60 to 90 days. It is a healing process. It is not a drug which deadens your nerve endings just to hide or cover up your symptoms, Digestinol helps the body recover so your immune system can target the disorder and take control of it.. We have a 97-98% success rate reported from people who take Digestinol as directed for 90 days or longer.

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Are there any people it does not work for?

Yes. We have a group of people that take the product for 30 days or less and quit and there is nothing we can do for them. This is a healing process, it is NOT a drug or chemical which is designed to deaden nerve endings and hide the cause or symptoms.. 

We have a 97-98% success rate reported from people who take Digestinol as directed for 90 days or longer.

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What about the other 2-3% of the people? Maybe I will be one of those.

We doubt it and have privately questioned those 2 to 3% to see what it is they are doing. They say that they are following the directions and we have to take their word for it, however, in reality we have no way to monitor their habits. It is very possible that they have some unhealthy habits that they are not willing to give up for the short term, or possibly they are not taking the pills consistently, it’s hard to say. 

We will make sure this works for you if you follow the program and stay in touch with us. Staying in touch is very important. We have a wealth of information here and we can keep you on track to speed the healing process. Your recovery is the backbone of our business!

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Does the disease ever come back on people who have been using Digestinol?

We have several groups monitored and it’s very interesting . . .

Group 1 takes Digestinol, recovers, goes on the maintenance level and never seems to have another symptom again.

Group 2 takes Digestinol, recovers, stops taking Digestinol and seems to do fairly well.

Group 3 takes Digestinol, recovers, goes on the maintenance level and then gets into a high stress situation. They see a little blood or get some cramping. At that point they bump up their Digestinol intake to 3-9 capsules and usually will recover quickly as the increase in dosage boosts the recovery time within a week or so.

Group 4 takes Digestinol, recovers, then stops taking the Digestinol maintenance program and evtually gets into a high stress situation. Their symptoms come back and they have to start all over again which is of coursenot the recommended way to handle it.

Your body needs time to heal itself to feel better! We highly recommend staying on the maintenance dosage so you are always a step ahead of your disorders "just in case".

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I have a disease that is not mentioned in the list of categories for digestive diseases, can I take it?

We do not have a study group for diseases that are not listed but we can say that Digestinol affects auto-immune disorders and our success rate in relation to the auto-immune disorders which we frequently deal with is extremely high. 

So the best answer we can give you is that you should get this into your body as quickly as possible. It does so much for all the different systems of the body and we could talk to you for hours about it, but primarily it is going to balance and restore your immune system functions which in time can eliminate the auto-immune response. Always monitor your daily routine and progress. 

If you haven't found a solution to your specific symptoms yet, it can't hurt to give Digestinol a try.

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Why doesn’t anyone know about this?

Hundreds of people suffering with digestive diseases learn about Digestinol every single day. Thousands of people have used this product with great success.

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Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this?

The pharmaceutical industry is controlling the American Medical Association which dictates to the doctors what to prescribe. You may have noticed from your previous visits that they do not prescribe natural formulas of any type. This is the method in which the industry makes their money. You may have noticed that there is no focus on healing the tissues of your body. The focus is on masking the disease with drugs.

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How many people have been helped by Digestinol?

Several thousands all over the world.

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Are there testimonial letters the people that were helped?

We receive one written testimonial letter for every ninety or so promised. In addition to this, thousands more who have verbally testified to their recoveries never consider sending a letter. However, we do still have a number of them and you can find some of them on the product order pages for Digestinol.

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Can I eat anything I want?

We cannot test every food substance; therefore, if there is a food which you feel that you must have which is not on the list, you may gradually test yourself and see how you tolerate it over time.

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Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, unopened bottles of Digestinol (with the safety seals intact) may be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges). It is for the safety and protection of our customers that Digestinol's return policy prevents us from accepting bottles of product that have been opened or otherwise tampered with and therefore, will not be accepted for a refund.

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Should I take supplemental enzymes or healthy flora?

If you have already purchased these and they don’t seem to give you nausea, there is no reason why you can’t finish them. They may help you 5% for the short term. If not, there is no reason to purchase because they will only work cosmetically at best. It is your immune system which creates a friendly or hostile environment for the delicate ecosystem of the digestive tract. Without proper support from the immune system and nutrient fueling, this delicate ecosystem will deteriorate to varying degrees of dysfunction. Supplemental enzymes or healthy flora will simply die off and be unable to multiply. Digestinol is all you need to accomplish the nutrient fueling to the immune system and the support of the digestive tract from the immune system. In this way, you are addressing the problem at the root rather than fighting a losing battle cosmetically.

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Is Digestinol KOSHER?

Yes. The capsules themselves are certified vegetable Kosher. In addition, the plant itself is all-natural, organic, and not manmade.

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Do I have to follow a diet and if so, is there a special one?

Enclosed in your package with Digestinol you will find a lot of literature and information. We do enclose a Diet Recommendation Sheet, which is simply a common sense guide of what foods to stay away from during the healing process that are irritating or difficult to digest. It is not a strict diet, just follow the general guideline and you will take a good portion of stress off of the digestive tract, which in turn removes stress from the immune system and will speed the healing process as well.

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