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Digestinol™ is an all natural product, that restores the nutrients inside of your own body to allow it to fight back against deficiencies that are leading to various digestive disorders and diseases.



Customer Testimonials



The following testimonial letters are from some of our customers who have been using our Digestinol formula and wanted to share their success stories with others to help alleviate any concerns or hesitations that you may have. The healing times that are described in the following testimonials may or may not be relative to your personal experience, however it does show that certain time frames are possible. Obviously, predicting a specific time frame can not be guaranteed due to many different variables (diet, severity of condition, dosage schedule, etc...)

Below are just a few of the many letters we receive. We will be continually updating this page with more of the letters we receive so please feel free to send us your own testimonial.

Since the number of testimonials that we are getting is increasing we spearated them into groups:

  • Crohns Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis
  • Acid Reflux/Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Intestinal Cystitis


If your particular situation is not listed below, don't be concerned. While we have been getting an increased number of testimonials from our customers, we can't make our customers send them in. We are always happy to receive testimonials, but we would also always love to get more. Whether it be via mail, fax, or email, if you take our product and want to express your success, let us know. Customers like to see stories from other customers to help assure them they are not just being given a "sales pitch".

If you are a current customer and you would like to share you story, just click here to be directed to our Contact Us page choose "Testimonial" as the topic and send in your story.

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Crohn's Disease
I've felt very well for quite a while on Digestinol, so I stopped taking them for about 8-9 months.  My last visit to my doctor (a few weeks ago) was not as good. And now, he wanted to put me on a medication I wasn't happy with, so I just started back on Digestinol again just recently and now I feel great again. Thank you!
Destin, FL


Since using this product my Crohn's disease has improved ten fold. I still experience some of the symptoms, but for the most part the extreme Crohn's conditions have re-missed greatly. I can eat & drink things I couldn't before. This product has been essential in my progress with Crohn's disease.

R. Forthuber
Enumclan, WA.


I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease back in 1992 at the age of 30 and I struggled for years with severe symptoms of this disease. I was hospitalized annually for weeks and was subjected to all the drugs such as Prednisone, Asacol, and 6 MP to name a few. While taking these drugs the flare up would eventually subside, but would still return again. During my last Crohn's flare up 5 years ago, I told myself I can't go through another hospital visit and months to regain my strength back. That is when I discovered Digestinol and it put me back ion remission and broke the cycle and I have been symptom free for 5 years. My gastroenterologist recommended several years ago that I have surgery to remove a section of my colon and I opted not to have the surgery and it was the best thing I ever did.

Thank you to the folks at Digestinol for giving me back my life.

Rod H.
Pinckney, MI.


I have been taking your product for several years. My disease was a serious case. I had 4 operation and about one third of my large intestine is missing and my small intestine is shorter too. Now I'm taking 3 capsules a day, as you say the maintenance dosage. One bottle is enough for 3 months. I feel like the main cause for these diseases is the junk food of this age. My condition is so much better now Thank you for making such a helpful product.

Otto Ungvari
Miskolc, Hungary


Andrea feels much better with the Digestinol. She says it has made it much less painful to go to the bathroom and her bleeding is much more under control now. She feels so much better overall with your product, Thanks!

Laura E.
Hackensack, NJ.


Dear Digestinol Team, I am your regular customer. I am very happy with the performance of your product. I kindly request 3 more bottles of Digestinol but this time for my daughter living in Ankara Turkey. I have listed the address for her below, please send her the product as soon as possible. Thank you.

Tuncay Alanku


I was diagnosed in 2005 with Crohns. I was so scared and very sick. I was researching the disease on the internet and somehow came across Digestinol. It sounded too good to be true but I had to try something before they started putting me on more medication. I have been on it ever since and feel great. My last colonoscopy was 2 years ago and the doctor said I almost looked normal. Thank You.

Stacy M -Glen Burne, MD


I have already sent a testimonial that I see you have on your website (See below, five posts down).  I want to reemphasize the power of this product.  At age 52 I was using a walker, and at times a wheel chair.  The inflammation of my joints because of my crohns, was so severe and excruciating that I was on heavy doses of morphine.  It has now been 2 years since I discovered Digestinol.  I want to state again that this product is life-saving and life-changing.  My heart goes out to ones still suffering from intestinal problems.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE order this product.  There is NO need for you to suffer anymore.  Do not delay!!

S. Bates - Shalimar Florida


I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease about 4 years ago. I was taking 16 Pentasa pills per day and had taken prednisone also. Neither of them did me much good. I searched the internet and found Digestinol. I ordered some and started taking it as recommended and eventually worked down to the maintenance dosage of 3 capsules per day. I have started eating all of the stuff that doctors tell you not to (even though I shouldn't) such as popcorn, raw vegetables, foods with seeds, etc... and have no problems. I am glad I found such a good natural (not a doctor prescribed medication) product, and I have also recommended Digestinol to several other people who have been taking it and they too are having great success with the product.

Dennis Bunch - Lenox, IA.


A few years ago, after suffering the debilitating symptoms of Crohn's for over 15 years. I concluded that ALL medical options would never heal me. All the med's did was kick my immune system in the head and suppress it, only to have it recur with a vengeance when the med's failed. That's when I found Digestinol. With moderate lifestyle changes & diet changes, combined with Digestinol, normalcy began to take hold within my body and the healing began and continues. I now have had years of an improved lifestyle and amazing results!

Mike Roscigno - Long Valley, NJ


Our 15 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in March of 2006. In the previous three months, he had suffered terribly with abdominal cramping, fever, anal fistulas, and loose bowel movements. During that period, he was unable to eat and lost 25 pounds, going from 153 pounds to 128 pounds. After numerous doctors appointments, blood tests, a colonoscopy, and diagnostic referrals, the gastroenterologist prescribed Prednisone and Pentasa as the necessary drugs that would help our son ease into remission of Crohn's Disease. The directions were as follows:

*80mg. of Prednisone per day for two weeks. The Prednisone would then be decreased by 5mg. per week. *4 capsules of Pentasa 4 times daily *A high-powered antibiotic taken twice daily.

Here was a boy who had never had any major health problems, with the exception of the usual flu or sore throats, and now he was being told to take twenty pills a day. Needless to say, after reading about the debilitating side effects of these drugs, we could not accept this method of treatment for our son. My husband and I spent hours researching about Crohn's Disease, and we searched the internet for information on alternative treatments. That is when we came upon the internet site, Digestinol. After reading the testimonials of some of your customers, we became very interested in your product. We called and talked with a representative who was very knowledgeable and informative about this product, and we decided to order the Digestinol. I must admit, though, we were a little hesitant. My husband and I were not accustomed to going against doctor's orders. Our son began taking Digestinol in April 2006. Within 6 weeks, he had gained 15lbs, and the Crohn's symptoms were greatly improved. I must tell you that my son did take some of the Prednisone, but only one-fourth of the total amount originally prescribed, and only for one month. He never took any of the Pentasa. Since May of 2006, my son has been taking only Digestinol and having wonderful results. It is now January 2007, and he is totally symptom free of the Crohn's. He weighs 185lbs. and recently completed his high school football season, which is something he could have never considered six months before. There is no doubt that Digestinol has enabled our son to once again lead a healthy, active life. Your product is truly amazing! From the bottom of our hearts, our whole family thanks you for this wonderful product.


Tom and Elaine Kristan
Irwin, PA


I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 3 years ago, and was given Asacol which gave me pancreatitis and I ended up in the hospital. So now all I am taking is the Digestinol. My husband also takes Digestinol for his acid reflux. He takes 9 pills a day, only because he refuses to follow any kind of diet. It is great stuff.

B. Fox


My disease went undiagnosed for years. At the worst point I had unstoppable diarrhea and was using a walker to get around because of the inflammation of my knees and ankles. I'm only 52 and in good health other than this. One night after my husband had to help me use a bedpan because of the inflammation pain, I went on the computer and found your product. After 1 year and 4 months of use, I no longer need a walker and have rare bouts of diarrhea. The doctors had already removed a 1/4 of my colon and wanted to put me on auto immune drugs that could have ruined my bone marrow and cause other horrid symptoms. So far after your product, I am 90% improved with no drugs. Your product has to be the answer because I haven't done anything else different. I will take the maintenance dosage (or more) for the rest of my life. Thank you!

S. Bates - Shalimar, Fl.


I have already sent a testimonial that I see you have on your website.  I want to reemphasize the power of this product.  At age 52 I was using a walker, and at times a wheel chair.  The inflammation of my joints because of my crohns, was so severe and excruciating that I was on heavy doses of morphine.  It has now been 2 years since I discovered Digestinol.  I want to state again that this product is life saving and life changing.  My heart goes out to ones still suffering from intestinal problems.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE order this product.  There is NO need for you to suffer anymore.  Do not delay!!

S. Bates
Shalimar Florida

Wow, your company has helped me so much that I don't even know how to express my thanks. During the last three months my crohn's symptoms have almost completely disappeared. In fact, during the first two months of taking Digestinol I was able to reduce my dosage of Prednisone from 20mg to 7 1/2mg. This alone is great news for me, because those steroids have affected me in many different ways both physically and mentally. My life is so much more enjoyable now. Keep up the good work.

A customer for life,
Edward J.
United Kingdom



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Ulcerative Colitis

Approximately 9 year ago, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. It was awful and devastating to know that I would never live a "nomal life". I seen many doctors with no signs of hope. At my worst, I was taking 28 prescription pills per day with no signs of improvement.
I researched natural products with no luck. I came across Digestinol. It saved me from getting a colostomy bag.
It improved my life so much that I am able to live a "nomal life" again. I swear by this product and have share it with many people. I have tried other products in the past with 0 results.
Thank you!
Katie G.


My experience with Digestinol:
I was introduced to Digestinol through my daughter, who has used it for many years and it has single handedly helped her to manage her Ulcerative Colitis. No more steroids and it was great to see.
When I was younger, I had a big part of my colon removed and have had issues since then with an easily upset stomach.
I started to use Digestinol for this reason about a year and a half ago. Since then, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been going though radiation. I know without a doubt that it has helped me with the horrible effects of radiation
I know because I ran out of my Digestinol for a few days and it was easily noticed that my body was suffering more because it wasn't getting the things that are so great in the Digestinol. It just makes sense.
I have recommended your product to many friends and family for treatment to several different things.
Thank you,
John T.


UC and Spastic colon
I have had Ulcerative Colitis/Spastic colon for 28 years. I have been taking Digestinol for over 10 years now.
After a flare up and taking the 9 Digestinol capsules until under control and 30 days after that, 6 capsules a day, is the magic number to keep it fairly under control.
I occasionally get flare ups and start the process over again. But no more preduasome or asacol.
I first use Digestinol, because I have tried other similar products and they don't give me good results. I get a lot more flare ups with other brands.
Albert C.


In 1999, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I suffered for 5 years until I found Digestinol. I tried pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, diets, fasting and nothing worked for me until I started taking Digestinol! I have had only 1 flare up since 2003 and Digestinol helped me during that flare by me just increasing my dosage from a maintenance dose to a full beginning daily dose, for a few days.
Thank God for this natural remedy.
Matthew James


My experience with Digestinol,

I was introduced to Digestinol through my daughter who has used it for many years and it has single handedly helped her to manage her ulcerative colitis. No more steroids and it was great to see. When I was younger, I had a large portion of my colon removed and have had issues since then with an easily upset stomach. I started to use the Digestinol for this reason about a year and a half ago. Since then I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been going through radiation. I know without a doubt that it has helped me with the horrible side effects of the radiation. I know because I ran out of my Digestinol for a few days and it was easily noticed that my body was suffering more because it wasn't getting the things that were so great in the Digestinol. It just makes sense. I have recommended your product to many friends and family for a treatment of several different things. Thank you, John

John T.


Since starting Digestinol I can finally eat and drink things I had previously given up (i.e. tomatoes, oranges, peaches, soft drinks, and the list goes on). I have seen a miraculous change since starting Digestinol and I highly, highly recommend it.

Barbara K.
Savannah, GA.


I have U.C. throughout my intestine. I have been prescribed Prednisone and Pentasa since being diagnosed in December of 2006. Bleeding and frequent "urges" have been the most serious symptoms for me. The Prednisone and Pentasa have helped a little, but I've noticed a huge difference once I started taking your Digestinol.

This is my second month taking Digestinol and since I started those sudden "urges" have been eliminated and my bleeding has almost completely stopped. I will continue to take Digestinol until all of my symptoms have been eliminated.

Bryan A.
Campbell, OH.


Great product! Went into remission for 2 years. Then it flared up again, however, probably due to stress. But it's under control again and continuing the Digestinol. Stopped all other medications. It's fantastic and I can't believe the job it has done for me.

Robert M.
Honolulu, HI.


Was diagnosed with UC when I was 19, and started taking Digestinol when I was 20. No flare-ups since and feel much better when I take it. My symptoms are much less than they were before. I did try something similar to your product before but it doesn't work nearly as good as yours does.

Raymond B.
Elizabeth, IA.


Approximately 9 years ago I was diagnosed with UC. It was awful and devastating to know that I would never live a "normal life". I have been to many doctors with no signs of hope, they just liked to push med's on me. At my worst I was taking 28 pills a day with no signs of improvement. I researched natural products and was starting to lose hope until I came across Digestinol. It saved me from getting a colostomy bag. It improved my life so much that I am able to live a "normal life" again. I swear by this product and have shared its success with many other people. Thank You!

Kathleen G.
Bloomer, WI.


I've had UC for about 6 years and I normally get flare-ups when stressful situations come into my life. but as soon as I have a flare-ups your capsules help me recuperate and keep them at bay.

Aventura, FL.


I had been on steroids & sulfasalazine when I decided to try Digestinol. Once I started I noticed an almost immediate improvement and so far I have been able to delete steroids completely as well as cut down the amount of sulfsalazine I was taking.

Carl Pfaff
Woodstock, GA.


I have been taking Digestinol for about 3 months and have seen significant results. The bleeding has stopped and my bowels are for the most part formed and normal. I have had UC for over 20 years. This is the only natural product that I have used which has gotten and maintained these great results. I have tried other natural aloe products and they did not work at all. Thank you for making the product available, God Bless You.

Neil S.
Reseda, CA.


I had been on Prednisone, 6mp, and Asacol due to bleeding. When the bleeding stopped I was slowly being weened off the Prednisone, but once i got to 10mg/day the bleeding would start again. my wife encouraged me to start taking Digestinol and just try it for 3-4 weeks then try to get off the Prednisone, IT WORKED!!! I haven't had a relapse for over 2 years. Before I started taking Digestinol I normally would relapse once a year, but Digestinol stopped that.

J. Mash
Wichita, KS.


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 3 1/2 years ago. Once I found Digestinol and starting taking it I was able to have a quick recovery, it only took me about four months. There have been no flare-ups since and I would recommend your product to anyone who would listen. Before I found Digestinol I had tried other aloe capsule products and I would not recommend them at all.

Kevin Lochet
Conway, SC


I started to take your product several years ago after researching the web. I was very skeptical at first because I had been told that there was not a cure for Ulcerative Colitis. I now would recommend your product to anyone because I have never had a single relapse and before taking your product I use to get several each year. I have no hesitation whatsoever in advising anyone to give your product a chance.

Alec Jackson


Here's the saga of my mother with ulcerative colitis who is 63 years old now.

In 1996 she was diagnosed of Ulcerative Colitis in India . My sister who is a doctor, consulted with her gastroenterologist peers, and after the first colonoscopy, my mother was prescribed Salazopyrin ( a Sulfasalazine product) followed by Mesacol ( which is the common name for Asacol in India ). During that time there would be several months with no symptoms in a row but then again things would flare-up to the most horrendous days with bloody diarrhea and mucus for prolonged periods. This continued for a long time, and after the standard medication failed to show any improvement in her condition for several years, we then consulted other medical systems including Homeopathy and Ayurveda, which carry a reputation of curing diseases that fail to be cured with the conventional medication.

For a few days after trying these new medicines, it would look like things are coming back to normal, but then all of a sudden all the symptoms would reappear like a monster. We came to the point of preparing our mother mentally to go for a surgical removal of the colon because this deadly disease was causing her decline more and more each day. It was a few years ago when I came across the website for this great Aloe Vera product. I was very skeptical in the beginning because I did not have any experience with internet products earlier. I went ahead and bought the first bottle of "Digestinol" for my mother. After a month of following the diet chart and the advised dosage level of the soy lecithin capsules, we could see one symptom of constantly watering eyes going away. And then I knew that it was working slowly but surely! Since my mother also has an abnormally high level of stress with the panic button ready to go off in her mind with the slightest whiff of trouble, we decided to continue on the full dose of 9 capsules per day for a year.  Within 18 months from the start of her using this product she was completely symptom free!!!

We could NOT believe it because we always thought that Ulcerative Colitis was incurable. However, in October 2005 we were unable to access the Digestinol website (which we later found out was due to Hurricane Wilma, which had caused extensive power/phone outages all across southern Florida where their offices were located). I bumped across another website pretending to sell a similar product by the name *******. Little did I realize then the upcoming upheaval as a result of using this fake product. Within a few weeks of taking this, my mother's condition worsened dramatically with the grinding noise in the stomach reappearing after months, followed by the watering of eyes. I became suspicious, and to my horror when I tasted it, it tasted exactly like milk powder! I knew my mother was on toxins for the past three weeks and the devil called Ulcerative Colitis was back with greater force this time.  We were crestfallen because we knew this other product which I had bought 3 bottles for $500 did tremendous damage to her system because she was on a continuous dose of milk which is as good as poison for her! When I called up the company stating her condition, a lady replied "You are not going to get your f---ing money back." To my surprise these killers are still doing flourishing business on the internet!!! I wish someone had the courage to get them behind the bars for selling toxins.

Anyway, our roller coaster ride came to an end after the company got back on track following the damage from Hurricane Wilma, selling the same great product. In the interim my mother tried several other therapies with no results. So finally, she has been on a steady dose of 9 capsules per day from April 2007 until September 2007. All symptoms like watering eyes, knee pain, and severe abdominal pain went away within the first two months. The bleeding as I have seen the last time she became completely symptom free, was the last thing to go away. Therefore she is on a higher dose of Digestinol now, which is 15 capsules per day (5 in the morning, 5 before lunch, and 5 in the evening) since October 1, 2007. We are still looking forward to the minor stomach cramps and of course the bleeding to go away, until when she stays on the 15 capsules dose. And hopefully I can post another update soon when she fully recovers. I wish and pray that everyone that goes through this website gets full advantage of this miracle product, because if it can work for my mother in her severe condition, it can work for all of you out there!

(Thank You "Steve", we did have to take out the other company's name for obvious legal reasons, but all of us here at Digestinol are thrilled to hear about your mother's progress. We continue to get letters like yours every day and it really does make us feel that all of our work is paying off.)

Steve P.

Dear Digestinol,

Our daughter was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis in 2006. With the thought of removal of her colon and her being extremely ill at the time, I was searching through the internet for information when I came upon your web site. After reading some of the testimonials and phoning your company for information I ordered our first bottle of Digestinol. Being in Australia it was very expensive but I didn't care, so I took it myself as I have had IBS for years, well what a difference, I am on the maintenance dose now and am completely normal. My daughter started taking it too and now she wouldn't be without it, she is healthy again and can eat a good healthy diet.

I am very grateful to your company for this product as my daughter was sooo sick, she has been hospitalized twice and the first time we didn't know if she was going to come out, so it was quite serious. I was so relieved to find your product and I love the thought that it is a natural anti-inflamatory, I tell all my friends about it. So Thank You again and if there is anyone that is thinking about using Digestinol, don't hesitate, it has no side effects. My daughter used a higher dose at first until the symptoms eased and is now on the maintenance dose and she feels so well now.

Chris Hastings
Tasmania Australia

I have UC throughout my intestine. I have been prescribed Prednisone and Pentasa since being diagnosed in December 2006. Bleeding and frequent "urges" have been the most serious symptoms for me. The Prednisone and Pentasa have helped somewhat, but I've noticed a huge difference once I started taking Digestinol. This is my second month taking Digestinol (along with decreasing the amount of Prednisone and Pentasa). Ever since I started using Digestinol, the sudden "urges" to run to the bathroom has been eliminated, and my bleeding has almost completely stopped also.

I will continue to take Digestinol until all of my symptoms have been eliminated. If anyone is having limited success with doctor prescribed drugs (as I did) why don't you give Digestinol a try, what do you have to lose?

Bryan A.
Campbell, OH.

After taking the medications that my doctor prescribed to me for many months, not only were they not working, but my symptoms were actually worsening. I got online and I saw your product. Being reluctant I pressed the "testimonials" section and up came pages and pages of your customers' experiences, and I was very impressed with what I read. I decided to give it a try. Now, a year later, I'm off all prescribed medications and am symptom free. I have my life back!! Thank You!!

Robert Gibson
Bath, Maine

My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and had a flare-up beginning Sept. '05. Once we instituted Digestinol, he started to feel better and is still working his way to remission - almost there!!

Sally R.
Palo Alto, CA.

After suffering repeated bouts of Ulcerative Colitis for 12 years, with little success from doctor prescribed medication I tried your product. I followed the recommended diet & dosage of 9 pills per day. Within 2 months, my symptoms were gone and I continue today at the maintenance dose. I highly recommend your product to anyone suffering from these gastrointestinal diseases.

Greg S.
Lakewood, CA

I had a colonoscopy, my 6th, in early December and, for the first time in 21 years, my colon was "normal". I attribute my colon health to my use of Digestinol. I've been a Digestinol customer for only a few months. Digestinol is expensive but worth every penny!

Natalie D.
Redmond, WA.

I have had a 35 years history of Colitis & thankfully your product has been a godsend. I went thru a massive setback, lost 60lbs, and looked like walking death. My wife Brenda found your capsules on the web and as they say "The Rest Was History". It was a slow recovery but I can honestly say that your capsules and the advice from my nutritionist got me going again without surgery. By the way she is now recommending your capsules to her other patients.

Capt. J. Bayles
Seattle Wa.

Over 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with UC. After several years of expensive prescription drugs and continuing flare-ups, I was desperate for another avenue of treatment. While searching online one day, my wife found your website and we decided "What the heck, anything is worth a try". It has been a MIRACLE!

There have been absolutely NO flare-ups for the past several years that I have been using your product! I followed your original diet and product usage guide and I have been symptom free ever since. I can even eat those items that my doctor had banned from my diet - such as strawberries and sesame seeds. I don't know where I would be today (health wise) if it weren't for Digestinol. Thank You!!

D. Owen
Pell City, AL

I am writing to say Thank You for your wonderful product.

I was diagnosed with Colitis in my thirties. Over the years, the bouts would come and go till I reached my late sixties. It had developed into full fledged Ulcerative Colitis. I had been treated with enemas, various medications and finally prednisone. Colon-oscopies were being done every six months and polyps were being removed and nearing cancer stage and hemorrhaging was severe. My doctor said I needed to have my colon removed and a date was set for surgery.

In the meantime, my wife had been searching the internet for any info on ulcerative colitis and came upon your website and product. When I asked the surgeon if he had any objections to my trying this product, he said that he had just come back from a medical convention and nothing was brought up there, and that he had never heard of your product before, but to go ahead and try it. I didn't want my colon removed as I knew of other people that had the surgery and they ended up with a pouch. They were not very happy but had no other option at the time. The surgeon told me there was a possibility that the surgery could not be reversed after using the pouch during healing and would have to wear one the rest of my life. Hearing this I felt I had nothing to lose by trying Digestinol. I started in the fall of '05 with the recommended dosage and I followed your diet information faithfully. The diarrhea subsided but the bleeding continued. I then increased my dosage to 15 capsules daily and by February '06, the bleeding had stopped. I stayed on the same dosage till August '06 when I had a colonoscopy. At that time I had two small polyps and biopsies were ok and no bleeding.

Another colonoscopy was scheduled in six months. At that time my wife spoke with one of your reps and was advised to continue with 6 capsules daily till there were no polyps. By June '06, my bowel movements and everything was back to normal. At my next colonoscopy there were no polyps and the colon was very healthy looking, much to my doctor's amazement. I was told unless I had further problems that no colonoscopy would be scheduled for another two years. After 20 years of diarrhea and later hemorrhaging you can't believe how ecstatic I was. I am now 72, well and continuing to take 3 capsules daily. I thank you and God for your wonderful product.

P. Fallon
Watertown, NY.

I am writing you today to first and foremost thank you for your product and its wonderful power, so "THANK YOU!".

Almost 30 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, over that 30 year period I have been in and out of the hospital for my UC, and the whole experience has really been a nightmare.

The doctors kept telling me that the only way to get any kind of relief was for me to have surgery. They wanted me to have surgery to remove my colon, but I was very scared to undergo such a major procedure. Over this period of dealing with my UC I have taken a variety of drugs to try and combat the disease. I have taken lomotil, prednisone, sulpha drugs and asacol. I would take up to almost 25 pills a day. Sometimes the medication would work but there were times when it just seemed like it wasn't doing anything, in fact, at one point I actually became allergic to the sulpha drugs. The doctors told me that I would never get off the medication and that it would just be a part of my life. While I was taking asacol I began to have serious side effects like (mucus, bloody diarrhea, cramping etc...).

It seemed odd to me that the medication I was taking was giving me side effects that resembled the exact symptoms I was taking the medication to get rid of. I was losing lots of weight and had no energy at all, in fact it felt as if I was a prisoner locked up inside my own home. One day, out of desperation, I went onto the internet to research my UC and see if I could find any answers to my problems. After doing a search for "ulcerative colitis" I found your website. I went through and read the information you had on there and I actually got excited that I may have found what I was looking for. I immediately ordered a 3 month supply and I am now just 2 months into my initial order and I am already (in my opinion) 95% symptom free. I am not 100% yet, but I am already thrilled with my results. It actually costs less for me than all of the prescription drugs I was buying before. Another great thing is I haven't had a single side effect. I still can't believe how much better I feel.
Thank you again,

Mary R,

I have been taking your product for about 6 months now and just wanted to let you know I feel great now. It has been such a relief to found something that actually works. Thank you.

Charlotte King


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I was diagnosed with IBS about 15 years ago.  I've been on all kinds of medications from the doctors and was just miserable.
I was online one day and searched for things that could help and came across a few articles that spoke about natural options.  So I started looking into that route a little.  I found this Digestinol product and figured I would try it.
Within the first bottle I felt better, far from great, but it was only the first few weeks.  So I decided to keep going with it.  By the time I reached my 8th week I was amazed and also very nervous.  I was amazed at my progress with these capsules but also very nervous that the results would not last.  Well, it's been about 8 years now and I have worked my way down to just three capsules a day and I feel great.  
Every now and then if I am stressed or eat something that I shouldn't I bump up my dose a little and that helps get rid of that flare.
I can't express how grateful I am for these pills.
Hershey, PA.



I've suffered with IBS for more than 40 years. And I've been embarrassed more than once because of "accidents." About three years ago I began researching possible cures or remedies for IBS. I found the Digestinol web site and decided to give it a try.

Within three weeks my IBS symptoms were gone and I was enjoying life. About a year ago I thought I was cured and stopped taking the Digestinol tablets. That experiment lasted about four months. What a mistake! I started my daily Digestinol regime again and as I expected ... plane trips, dinner parties, movies, and car trips are no longer avoided. My life is back on track. I owe Digestinol a big thank you.

A. Jeffcoat
Boise, ID


Digestinol changed my life. After one year of many visits to a specialist and tests at the hospital, it was determined that I had IBS. My doctor told me the medication for this wasn't very effective. I would have to "live with it"!. There was no way I was going to fear that everytime I ate I would have to make sure a restroom was nearby. I found Digestinol on the internet and I ordered it right away. After 3 months, I was able to go to 3 capsules a day. I'm cured and so pleased that Digestinol was the answer for me. Thank you!! Thank you!!

Sheila B.
Spring Valley, CA.


Used to have severe IBS before I found Digestinol. I have been taking it for about a year & have found that 4 tablets a day is proper maintenance dosage for me. It has completely stopped the uncontrollable diarrhea & now I can live a much more more comfortable life.

Jason, A.
Edmond, OK.


My daughter found your website and strongly encouraged me to try your product for a month to see if it would help me, she even offered to pay for it. She was actually already a customer of yours and she felt so much better she strongly felt it would help my condition also. I was amazed how fast I started to have regular bowel movements and how the pain and inflammation seized also.

Susan K.
Homasassa, FL.


Ever since I started using Digestinol my IBS has been 95% under control. I no longer worry how I'll get through my day or if I'll be at a place that may not have a washroom. Thank you Digestinol, you're giving me my life back!

S. Smith
Santa Monica, CA.


Thank you for all of your information. I have been using Digestinol for a number of years now and it has made a huge difference in my health. I noticed a difference within the first week of using it. I used to where where every toilet in the world was, but I don't have to be so concerned about that anymore. Thank you for such a superior product. I have encouraged many other sufferers to use it also.

Nancy R.
Austin, TX.


I have taken Digestinol for irritable Bowel Syndrome and found it greatly relieve's my pain & cramps. I felt ill most of the time when a friend suggested looking on the internet for some help. Unfortunately, I found a couple other companies before I found you guys and they didn't help at all, in fact one of them made me worse than I already was. But once I tried your capsules I knew immediately that I found a solution.

L. Jones
Elmhurst, IL.


I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago, which creates a "monster" in your stomach - from heartburn, diarrhea, pain, etc... Digestinol is the only product I have found to work miracles for me.

Andrea S.
Culpepper, VA.

IBS (Sluggish Bowel - Arthritis - Constipation)

My daughter Yiona encouraged me to try Digestinol for 1 month. She supplied me with her own bottle with me. And to my amazement not only did I have regular bowel movements, but the pain/inflammation completely stopped.

Thank You,
Jane P.
Homosassa, FL.

Digestinol's formula of AMP + Soy is the best on the market!! They use only what is on the label, which means no hidden ingredients inside the caps. The original formula that Digestinol supplied to Molocure, which so many of us had been hoping and praying for can only be found here. I've seen that others have tried to duplicate it but Digestinol sets the standard that all of the others must follow. I know this because I have tried others but none seem to have the true potency of Digestinol's formula.


IBS, Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis hit four years ago. I went through several doctors and a multitude of prescriptions until I went on Digestinol. Symptoms went away completely in two months. IBS was always a problem but it is kept in check with a maintenance dose of Digestinol. I watch my diet carefully but on those days when I may not eat right, a Digestinol increase of a few tablets will take the symptoms away.

P. Chiarelli
Saint Marys, GA.

I am so happy that the stories I read online were just that, stories. I was crushed when I saw your website was down when I needed to reorder my supply of Digestinol. I saw your site wasn't working and I became desperate so I found another site and I thought that everything would be fine because the site I went to said it was "The Recommended Replacement for Digestinol Customers", all their information seemed to be close enough to your that I went ahead and order a 6 month supply from them.

When the new product arrived I didn't think anything of it, I just figured I would go on symptom free as if I was still taking your Digestinol pills. But I was wrong, within three weeks I started to experience the symptoms of my IBS all over again. I couldn't believe it, after taking your product religiously for about three years I almost forgot what it was like to have IBS, but that happiness ended fast. I called this new company and asked them why after have so much success with Digestinol that their product allowed my symptoms to come back. They couldn't tell me, they just kept insisting that their products was just as good as your. Well, it wasn't.

Out of desperation I tried calling your office to see what would happen and Marsha answered. I couldn't believe I never tried calling before when I noticed the website wasn't working. She explained that you were having trouble with your website but that you were still around. It took me about 6 weeks after getting my Digestinol order to get back to my symptom free routine but I did it. Thank you so much for not leaving, I know now nothing else is as good as your Digestinol.

By the way, I returned the remaining bottles that I bought from that other place, since I had no use for them, I already have enough paperweights ;)

Sally Jacobs

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. I have been on your product for a little more than ten months and I have seen such a vast improvement in my lifestyle. After suffering with the symptoms of IBS for nearly 14 years I really didn't imagine that I would ever be where I am today.

P. S. I have been telling everyone I know (from online support groups) about your product and how well it works.

Nick Roberts

I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 16yrs - I've tried every medication possible. From over the counter to prescription and nothing worked, and what did work had horrible side effects. I was actually looking up yet another prescription online and Digestinol popped up so I figured I'll try an all-natural product before I try yet another prescription. I will never stop using Digestinol - it is excellent!

Yvonne B
Pine Bush, NY


Order Digestinol


Several years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis - I took several different antibiotics, which helped only temporarily. I read everything I could about this condition and by chance read about Digestinol. All natural - no drugs - sounded good to me! I followed the regimen and am now only taking 3 a day. I feel fantastic!

Deanna W.
Debary, FL.


In 2003 I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and was 1 week away from checking into the hospital to be operated on to have my colon removed. I received a phone call from a church member telling me how these Digestinol pills had healed her of colitis. I decided to call my doctor to cancel the operation, he thought I was nuts. I am now totally healed and can eat anything I want. No problem at all. I'm back to normal.

Gloria T.
Austin, TX.


I was told by three doctors in 2005 (an internist, a gastroenteroligist, and a surgeon) that I needed immediate surgery and that was my only hope. A friend told me about Digestinol and I decided to try it before I went through with the surgery. I followed your protocol as described on your website and since starting on Digestinol I have not had any attacks. I will continue to take your product for the rest of my life.

Carol B.
Cincinnati, OH.

After spending five days in the hospital in November 2005, and being diagnosed with Diverticulitis, I was released with surgery to be scheduled in January 2006. I had been in so much pain that I was actually anxiously awaiting the surgery. As God would have it, my husband learned about your product (Digestinol-L), through a friend who was taking it. Considering another option had not occurred to me I began to imagine what my life would be like without a substantial amount of my large intestine. Would I be on a restricted diet? Would I have to be on medication forever (and would the side effects be worse than what I was experiencing with the Diverticulitis itself)? Would the Diverticulitis come back?I decided to hold off on the surgery and alter my diet as well as start taking Digestinol -L since my husbands friends had recommended it so highly.

Long story short, I have been just fine these almost two years since I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis! I take the maintenance dosage now (3/day), and I FEEL GREAT! And that's really what the bottom line is.

I plan to continue with Digestinol-L and obviously I highly recommend it.

J. Paradis
Brecksville, OH.

Love this product & recommend it Highly!!

I was diagnosed in 2000 with Diverticulitis, I was in and out of hospitals for 3 years and constantly on antibiotics. A few years ago I decided to do my own research on this disease and I came across this website, Digestinol. I decided to try this product thinking to myself if it worked the whole antibiotic routine would be over for me. And thankfully the rest is history, I've been taking Digestinol ever since and I have not had any other attacks and have not had to use any of the antibiotics that I was on in the past.

Thanks to Digestinol, its' staff, and their research. You are My Hero's!

Dianne Corsaro
Las Vegas, NV.

It has been over one year since I got sick with Diverticulitis- Doctor wanted me to have surgery to cut out part of my colon!! My wife found your product on the internet - started taking Digestinol full dosage at first - Now I take maintenance dosage - Watch my diet - Things are great. Very good all-natural product!! Thanks.

P. S. Happy New Year!

G. Blanchard
Southwest Harbor, ME

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for changing my life for the better. I was suffering very badly from diverticulitis so badly that I was taking 8 pain killers each night just to get some sleep. After my physician confirmed my condition she told me that the only way to treat it would be to have a part of my colon removed.

After taking your Digestinol AMP product (9 capsules daily for the first month) I found that I had only one minor attack of diverticulitis which did not even require any pain killers. This happened one more time the following month, but then after 3 months of being on your product I felt as if I was cured. I do still take the maintenance dosage of 3 pills a day and it has been just over a year since I started your product and I haven't had any trouble. Needless to say my physician was dumbfounded as to how a natural product could work so well, but she certainly can't deny the results, since she has seen them firsthand through me.

Richard Davis
Ontario Canada


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Acid Reflux

One day I noticed a dull ache in my lower abdomen on the left hand side down by my ovary that was continuous. I went to my doctor and went through multiple testing to see what was wrong. They didn't find anything. I was then referred to a gastroenterologist. The ache was coming and going every few seconds and was annoying and painful.

In 2005 I had my first endoscopy and as diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. The doctor told me there was no cure and he put me on the magic purple pill, which gave me terrible headaches. I did not like what the doctor told me, but when a doctor tells me "there is no cure", that is all I need to hear because I believe there is a cure for everything. I went on the internet and started researching. Hours and hours of researching later I found Digestinol and bought my first bottle. I stopped taking the purple pill and followed Digestinol's instructions to a "T". The first month was challenging. Sometimes it felt like I had a lump in my throat. I just went with the flow and had faith that the natural way would work. I followed Digestinol's diet suggestions also for 3 months also, and within 3 months I noticed my symptoms were starting to go away. I felt like a new person.

When I went back to my doctor for a follow-up endoscopy 6 months later he was shocked and kept looking back at my chart from the previous visit. I asked him what was wrong and he just said "it's healed", all he saw was scar tissue. Digestinol helped heal me. It can help you too, you just have to make the choice to do it naturally. Don't even believe it when a doctor tells you "There is no cure"

Debra Haines
Draper, UT.


I order Digestinol for my husband about a year ago when the doctor told him that severe acid reflux, as he had, could cause cancer of the esophegus. He would choke or throw up a few times a week & had trouble sleeping. Since he has been taking Digestinol he hasn't had any problems.

R.G.M & C.M.
Boytnon Beach, FL.

Gastric Reflux

My doctor diagnosed me with Gastric Reflux disease. He gave me prescription medication but it did not work that well. I needed to find something that helped me feel better, so I made a decision to start taking Digestinol to see if it could help heal my condition. I followed the directions and took 9 capsules daily until all of my symptoms completely ceased, then I continued the dosage for a additional 30 days, then I reduced it to your maintenance dose of 3 capsules a day. I thank God and Digestinol Research for helping me be symptom free from Gastric Reflux.

Sally S.
Santa Clara, CA.

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

At the time I ordered my first bottle of Digestinol I had already been suffering from Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) for nearly four years. I had always been told by doctors that the only hope to control my condition was to take prescription drugs. Personally, I have never like the idea of ingesting chemicals (prescription drugs) into my body. After searching many nights on the internet I came across the Digestinol website and I read the information on the website probably two or three times, I just read it over and over. My biggest attraction at first was that their company seemed to think along the same lines as I do in regards to healing the body with nature's help. I went to bed that night and I couldn't get my mind of of what I had read, I just kept thinking to myself "why not, I'll try one bottle and see what happens". I must say I am very happy with my decision.

After nearly two weeks of taking the Digestinol I noticed a significant relief of the normal symptoms I would have. Since I had seen an improvement I decided to continue using your product and over the next several months the Acid Reflux had become non-existent, it was just gone. Your product is wonderful and I can assure you that whenever I come across someone that mentions that they have any type of digestive disorder I tell them my story and give them your website information so they can see for themselves. Thank You.

Jorge Sanchez

Dear Digestinol,

Thank you for what you have done, your product has given me the greatest relief since I developed this condition over 15 years ago.

M. Rivers


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Intestinal Cystitis

The main reason for my trying Digestinol was what I had heard about it for its ability to assist with immune deficiency. I have Intestinal Cystitis and for the first time in years, I can eat and drink things that really hurt if I tried them in the past. I am still a little careful, but visits to my urologist have decreased down to a minimum.

Mrs. Barbars Kyrouac
Bloomingdale, IL


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Thank you everyone for your kind words.

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