---Digestinol & Covid-19/Coronavirus Status---
**Attention All Customers**
As this virus affects the entire world, we wanted to update you on how Digestinol is handling the situation.

We have received a few calls from customers asking if we were still open, and the answer is Yes.

Early last week we started implementing a "work from home" setup for our employee's. And it seems to be working out pretty smoothly. We have some employee's taking calls, while others focus on paperwork, and others on packing/shipping. So far it's working out very well. So we are all still available and able to take, receive, and ship out all orders (including International orders).

We have done as much research in regards to the operations of the US Post Office as we could and, at this time, it appears that delivery services such as the US Post Office, UPS, and FedEx, have been deemed "Essential Services" which is great because that allows us to still ship out orders and it also means our customers will still receive them. So it doesn't appear that your orders will be affected in anyway in regards to the "Stay at Home" conditions set by many states/countries.

We wish everyone the very best during this difficult situation!

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