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**Attention All Customers**
We are continuing to process all of our orders without delay

Some international orders have seen longer transit times, since the number of actual international flights have been drastically reduced.

But it seems all of our customers have been receiving their orders very well.

CashBackReview - Digestinol

We need some help from our valued customers to help bring awareness (and confidence) about our product to those that have never heard of us before.  So we are reaching out to select customers that have expressed their happiness and success over the years from using our capsules to help bring awareness to potential new clients, to let them know that our capsules really do help those with digestive disorders.

So we'd like to offer you a partial refund off of your most recent order for posting something about your experience using our capsules for your condition.  We do understand that not everyone will be open to telling the world about their condition and would prefer to keep it private, while some others may have not problem taking a selfie or a video of themselves talking about it.  So we have setup a number of options to help cater to those that would prefer to remain anonymous and those that do not mind giving their full name or image while telling their story.

Here are some links for your convenience to post your reviews.  Also, be sure to email us, after you post your review, at CustomerCare@Digestinol.com with "Cash Back Review" as the subject and then let us know what you posted and where so we can issue your partial refund.

Google - Post a review for us on Google​ and GET A $20 REFUND back from your last order.


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